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Top 5 Fall Kitesurfing Destinations

When the autumn leaves start to fall, kitesurfing enthusiasts often find themselves searching for the perfect destinations that offer consistent winds, warm water, and beautiful settings. As the season shifts, so do the ideal spots for catching waves and wind. Here are Kitesurfing Magazine‘s top 5 fall kitesurfing destinations that should be on every kitesurfer’s bucket list.

1. Maui, Hawaii

Robby Naish sessioning Maui. Bees photo

Best Time: March – November
Highlights: A perennial favorite in the kitesurfing community, Maui shines especially bright in the fall. Trade winds remain consistent, and the North Shore offers conditions for both beginners and seasoned pros. Less crowded than during the summer months, Maui offers excellent trade winds, and great activities both on and off the water. Thankfully the North Shore where the majority of the kitesurfing happens was largely unaffected by the recent wild fires.
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2. Cumbuco, Brazil

Best Time: July – January
Highlights: The North-East of Brazil becomes a kitesurfing mecca every autumn. Pro-riders rendezvous here, especially in the famous towns of Cumbuco and Taiba. The wind conditions are so reliable that they can actually be a double-edged sword—some pros get so accustomed to the consistent winds that they become selective, often kitesurfing only during sunset to escape the daytime heat.
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3. Fuwairit, Qatar

The kitesurfing lagoon at Fuwairit Kite Beach, Qatar.
The kitesurfing lagoon at Fuwairit Kite Beach, Qatar. photo courtesy GKA

Best Time: November – July
Highlights: Fuwairit in Qatar is an emerging kitesurfing destination that boasts steady winds and warm waters in the fall. The location is particularly popular for its flat-water conditions, making it ideal for beginners looking to practice their skills. It’s quickly becoming a hot spot for Europeans, but with direct flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, it’s sure to become a bucket list destination for American’s too.
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4. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Best Time: April – November
Highlights: Home of Kitesurfing Magazine’s annual Fall gear tests, Cape Hatteras delivers a wide variety of conditions. Whether you’re into wave riding or flat water, Cape Hatteras has something to offer. Fall brings milder weather and less crowded beaches, adding to the location’s appeal. The Fall offers some of the best deals on accommodations, making it a budget friendly trip for Canadians and America’s that often drive 12 plus hours to avoid having to fly.
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5. Dakhla, Morocco

Dune Blanche. Dakhla, Morocco.

Best Time: October – November
Highlights: Situated on a narrow peninsula in Morocco, Dakhla is unique for offering both flat-water and wave conditions. Known for its strong and consistent winds, Dakhla is perfect for kitesurfers looking for a secluded, focused experience. For North America’s this is a bucket list trip, as direct flights are hard to come by, and often require a European layover.
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Before you embark on your autumnal kitesurfing journey, be sure to verify any travel restrictions—though let’s hope those are a thing of the past. Wishing you endless waves and favorable winds this fall!

What’s your go-to kitesurfing spot for the autumn season? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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