Top 5 Must See Jake Kelsick Videos

Professional kiteboarder Jake Kelsick has one of the sports most popular weekly VLOGS. Be sure to check out the hundreds of videos on his Youtube channel. Here are just five of Kitesurfing Magazine’s favourites.

One Thing Every Kiteboarder Should Know!
Have you ever inverted your kite? Of course you have! Here is a quick tip that will help any and every kitesurfer untangle their lines and get back to kiteboarding!

Tips & Tricks For Riding Unhooked!
 Here Jake run through everything a kiteboarder needs to know if he or she wants to start riding unhooked and doing basic unhooked tricks!

Five Tricks For Beginners!
This is for any kitesurfer who has gotten to the point of riding up wind and is ready to start having a little more fun on the water!

Must Have GoPro Accesories!
Here are five of the best GoPro accessories to buy if you want to shoot better photo and video with your GoPro!


Kiteboarding How To: Self Launch and Self Land?
Now there isn’t anything stopping you from getting out for a kite session!