Kite Foil Success – HOVER GLIDE FKITE V5 – Slingshot Foil

Taking design inspiration and cues from our carbon foil ranges, we have developed the all-new Hover Glide FKite V5. Featuring an all-new front wing (the Infinity 63), the Hover Glide FKite V5 has equal parts stability, lift, speed and maneuverability, equating to one of the most intuitive foils ever produced. Its perfect blend of performance and comfort gives riders the safety and confidence to learn how to foil effectively and then progress quickly. The Infinity 63 wing also features our Safe-T Winglets, which provide a softer edge to help prevent injury should you come in contact with your foil. The Safe-T Winglets also provide added stability, which gives riders even more confidence to progress.

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