SIZES TESTED (M): 8, 12 / SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 



An ultra light weight, single strut design with reactive handling, quick pivotal turns and exceptional light wind performance. 


The OS is the newest model of Eleveight’s impressive 2020 lineup and stands as their new light wind series kite with the focus on light wind handling and low end power. The OS features a mid swept hybrid canopy that’s made light and reactive with a single central strut and Eleveight’s use of Techno Force’s X4 canopy cloth and XT leading edge and strut material. Eleveight has had an impressive rise in the kite industry over the past few season with a full range of great performing kites and boards. Now with a new foil set up and light wind series of kites, Eleveight has all the bases covered for every discipline, wind condition and riding style. The test team was impressed with the OS handling and low end power as it rivalled some of the best single strut kites in the test. All of Eleveight’s kites come with an adjustable bridle setting which alters the turning axis point and handling. We found the OS works best on the high depower, pivotal turns setting, which gives the OS the quickest depower with lighter touch steering and quick pivotal turning. The OS has easy to find power with its swept leading edge and mid aspect ratio canopy providing a big sweet spot and smooth delivery. Easy sheet in and go performance and quick reactivity to turn initiation, the OS generates some smooth consistent pull in the turns and has reactive and intuitive handling that is perfect for foil board cruising and carving turns. Anyone looking to capitalize on light winds and expand their foil riding skills should consider the OS a top choice. 


Like any single strut design, with high amounts of depower the OS will produce some flutter and lose some handling ability in the upper wind range or when its sheeted out fully on the edge of the wind. 


Any level of rider that wants to advance foil skills or freeride in less wind with a stable, nicely powered and quick turning kite.