John Bryja

Editor’s Note – The Year Before the World Changed

This issue the Kitesurfing Magazine test team checks out surf foil boards. The team was keen to find out how these new shapes would perform in a freeride setting. After all, what could be better than having a foil that will work with your surfboard, your SUP and your kitesurfing set up? The smooth turning performance, ease-of-use, and super early planing make these foils a must-have addition to any aspiring kite foiler’s quiver. Be sure to check out the Kitesurfing Magazine test team’s foil reviews on page 86.

Also not to be missed in this issue are the two women’s trips: Blondes in Indo (page 58), and The Sum of 5 in Egypt (page 68). It’s pretty amazing to see how far kiteboarding has come in the last 20 years. These women rip! Since the early days of kiteboarding, women pro riders have held their own against the men (Cindy Mosey comes to mind), but what is really inspiring is the growing number women ripping harder than ever before. As an editor, it’s great to see women making up almost 50 per cent of this issue, not because it’s a woman’s issue (it’s not), but because they throw down. They’re not in the issue because they are wearing pretty bikinis, but because their riding is next level. It’s inspirational!  I think the boys are going to have to step up their media game to maintain an even presence in social media and print.

Hopefully this issue inspires you, like it did me, to get on the water and step up my game. This issue’s travel features like the Wind Voyager trip on page 50, The Doldrums on page 80, and the two women’s trips has me dreaming of exploring parts unknown, and trying new tricks.

See you on the water,

John Bryja

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t look better in a bikini. Dave Marshall  photo.