Lighter, Stronger

View from above; the AWSI Trade Show in Hood River, Oregon, 2022 gear preview. Toby Bromwich photo.

The AWSI trade show in Hood River, OR is the first real trip I have taken since foiling on the sun drenched beaches of Cuba the last week of January, 2020. During that Caribbean trip, I had a chance to experience the performance of the brand new ultra light weight Aluula material in Ocean Rodeo’s Roam kite. While I was there, the global pandemic doubled from four to eight cases. I sold all my stock and added some more Aluula kites to my quiver. 

The 14.5 Aluula Ocean Rodeo Flight would prove to be a game changer for my kitesurfing over the next year-and-a-half. While stuck in a global travel lockdown, it allowed me to kitesurf almost whenever I wanted. My wind minimum for a fun day has been pushed all the way down to seven or eight knots. And six knots doesn’t mean I have to swim in. 

At this year’s AWSI show it became clear that almost every major brand is now showcasing lighter weight construction and materials in their kites. If you are cursed with an average windspeed in the 8 knot range (most of North America and Germany) you are going to love these new light weight models. Check out Kitesurfing Magazine’s report from the AWSI show on page 88, and interviews with all the brands on our YouTube channel.

Kitesurfing Magazine’s test team will be doing head-to-head comparisons this fall of the best, new light weight kites, surf kites and big air kites. Be sure to follow our YouTube channel for the latest updates and we will have a full test report of the latest gear in our Spring 2022 issue.

See you on the water, 

John Bryja

Publisher Kitesurfing Magazine