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The Spirit Carve 950 is smooth and comfortable, and it’s the right size for a big range of wind and speed levels that really offers the ideal performance behind a kite. The Duotone foil program for 2020 features the new Spirit Series foil range with four new carbon wings and widened aluminum mast and fuselage system. Easy to use with more performance, a modular system with multiple wing sizes, the Spirit series easily rises to the new industry benchmark. The Spirit foils are easy to assemble and come in a nicely padded and zippered travel bag. Solid connections at all point, Spirit foil systems use two different sized stainless steel bolts for assembly with supplied Allen keys. The Carve 950 is the mid-sized wing designed for easy lift, moderate speed generation and smooth carving. Perfect for learning and advancing skills, the test team riders gave high praise to the easy carving feel and smooth riding character of this foil. Plenty of speed and no hang ups when it’s pushed to its top end, the Carve 950 keeps a nice balance between front and back foot at speed. For riders that want plenty of lift in light winds, or for riding at slower speeds with smaller kites, the Carve 950 is big enough to work in light winds but not so large that it loses performance with more power and speed. 


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