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Foil Reviews2020 Foil TestsF-ONE IC6 850 Review

F-ONE IC6 850 Review

F-ONE IC6 850 Review
F-ONE IC6 850

F-One has been fully invested in the foil revolution since the beginning and has developed an extensive range of high performance foil wings for kite, surf, SUP, windsurf and wing foiling. Their extruded aluminum mast and fuselage system, stands as one of the lightest aluminum set ups in the test and its precision CNC assembly adds excellent structure and stiffness. Stiffness through the connection points and hi flexion zones means better input transfer and more instant feedback from the carbon wings. Having a modular system like this is ideal for the full range of conditions and foil styles, as the front wings can be quickly swapped out with a single long rod that bolt through the nose of the front wing. The IC6 850 wing is made from F-One’s exclusive injected carbon technology, which has carbon-like stiffness but offers much more durability and ding resistance. Everything about the F-One foil is designed for optimum performance with the freeride foil experience in mind. The ICS 850 feels very solid underfoot and with stable lift it accelerates with smooth deliberation. It was one of the most comfortable foils to push lots of speed into and reacts quickly to rider input for carving turns. It is a nice foil to carve long drawn edge to edge turns at comfortably fast speeds. Although it has access and stays in control at a good pace, the IC6 850 also has plenty of lift to carry you through slower turns and keeps lifting in light winds making its overall wind range one of the best of the test. The IC6 850 is an all around freeride kite wing that is easy and intuitive to use and has access to plenty of speed with great control. The size and lift of the IC6 strikes a nice balance between low end lift and easy foiling at slower speeds, with nice access to smooth and controlled power both upwind and down. A great choice if you want a foil to never outgrow and an amazing modular system that you can add wings to as your foil disciplines expand along with your skill level. 

F-ONE IC6 850
F-ONE IC6 850
F-ONE IC6 850
F-ONE IC6 850



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