SIZES TESTED (M): 9, 12 

SIZES AVAILABLE (M): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15LW, 17LW,19 LW, 



A big air machine packed with performance, with easy to find power and lift, adaptable to all disciplines and skills, the XR6 feels more direct and responsive than ever. 


The Starship XR6 is the latest version of Core’s legendary model in its Universal+ series of kites. It’s designed to be adaptable to any riding discipline with its triple option bridle settings and wingtip attachments that can alter the depower and pivot style of the kite. The XR6 is a solid kite with a nice tight canopy and solid feel. The bigger sizes have lots of low end power and one thing’s for sure; most riders love the stratospheric jumps this kite can perform. Great low end power, superbly stable in the air, the XR6 has easy to find power and lift that comes alive when you sheet and go. This is another kite model anyone can learn with and never outgrow its performance or be ill equipped for any kite riding discipline. Some exclusive design technology in the bridle system and the bow delta hybrid canopy shape combine to assist in the XR6’s smooth power and pull, plentiful depower and soaring hang time. When the bar is sheeted in the bridles flatten the leading edge arc of the kite, giving extra lift and glide for bigger jumps and more power. Sheeting the kite out the kite rounds out and the kite becomes faster turning and more responsive to steering input. The only drawback in the past was that the larger sizes in particular had slightly less direct feel and a slight delay in the turn initiation. The newest XR6 however is more lively and reactive with better feedback and quick turn initiation. The XR6 has a quick and central pivotal turn radius and the smaller sizes can work well in the waves. 


Less direct feel, or powered loops and turn speed than kites like the Core GTX that have less sweep through their wingtip. 


Any level of rider that wants easy sheet in and go performance with the easiest to find boost and glide of any kite ever built.