Cabrinha Secret Weapon Review

DESIGN FEATURES: Cabrinha’s Secret Weapon is wide throughout, with parallel rails and a quad fin set up for multi-use flatwater freestyle but can also turn lightwind, smaller wave days into a bucket of fun. This was one of the widest and earlier planing boards of the test, with the width carrying from the tail into the nose of the board.

FREERIDING/FREESTYLE: With this board, lightwind and marginal surf days are turned into a viable and fun, skill-building session. The Secret Weapon is very well balanced with the wider area to help catch less powerful surf or for more wind pressure to keep your board on your feet for strapless airs.

RIDING SURF: Test team riders were impressed with the confidence-inspiring stability of the Secret Weapon. It makes you want to push harder and dig deeper into the wave. Not a hard-driving, bottom turn board, but for onshore or smaller waves, the Secret Weapon is as its name suggests.

BEST FOR: First time surf rider, lightwind jumper.

Length: 5’6”
Width: 19 2/3”
Thickness: 2”
Width 6” from tail: 13 .”
Width 12” from tail: 17”
Width 18” from tail: 18 .”
From tail to max width: 35 .”
Fin set up: Quad