Best of 2016: Sam Medysky

Best event you attended in 2016?
Sam Medysky: I have to say that this year my favourite event was the Blue Palawan KPL stop in the Philippines. The event started off the year with a bang. It took place just a week after New Years so it was awesome to start the year with good friends around and time on the water. Although the winds were light in Palawan at times, when it was windy it’s was great powered big kite weather. Blue Palawan and the organizers took great care of the riders and really treated us true professionals. Not to mention I made the podium which is always an added bonus!
Best travel trip in 2016?
Sam Medysky: I just finished a trip to South America. I spent 3 weeks in classic Taiba Brazil which is always a treat but then I continued south to Argentina and Uruguay. Both Argentina and Uruguay I’d never been to before but both had incredible conditions to offer. Not to mention the steak was amazing. They defiantly have some of the best meat in the work in the south of South America.
Best Session?
Sam Medysky: I think one of my best sessions was this year in Hood River after the Hood River Slider Jam. Loads of good friends were in town and the park was set up perfect. The wind… Well the wind was a different story, Hood Rivers winds never perfect but needless to say good vibes on the water made up for the gusty winds.
Favorite instagram  photo this year?
Sam Medysky: A throw back from Circa 2008 in Brazil. We set up a slider over a buggy. We had minimal slider experience but thought why not!? haha haven’t done it since but wouldn’t mind setting up a feature similar again.

Favorite video you appeared in?
TransCanada by Steven Borja
My personal favourite showcasing my beautiful home country of Canada!

TRANSCANADA #SHOTOVERG1giveaway from Sam Medysky on Vimeo.