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Kite TV – Big Air in Tarifa

Witness a historic moment as the elite in big air kiteboarding, representing three different disciplines — twin-tip, strapless, and hydrofoil — gather to compete for the world titles, all in one extraordinary event. The Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships in Tarifa showcase the pinnacle of competition, marking a groundbreaking achievement in kiteboarding history. This event is undoubtedly etched in the annals of time!

📍About Tarifa Tarifa, the kitesurfing capital of Europe, has grown immensely in popularity after it became a windsurfing hub in the 1980s. The Andalusian town in southern Spain still retains its old-world charm.

💨 The wind conditions It is blessed with strong Levante and Poniente breezes that make it a magnet for windsports’ devotees. The Levante blows from the land, cross-offshore from the left. It can be strong, from 30 knots to 50 knots, often blowing for five days straight. The Poniente is more mellow, blowing cross-onshore from the right. It is cooler and more frequent in summer, and can blow from 15 knots to 25 knots for two or three days in a row. Tarifa often sees both winds during competitions, creating intense conditions.

🌤The water conditions Although Tarifa can get good wave conditions in the winter months, in summer expect wind chop that provides superb ramps for Twin-Tip freestylers to boost off. Landings can be tricky in the gustier, stronger Levante winds and choppy waters. But that’s all part of the game—separating the best from the rest. Learn more about Tarifa and other events on our website: #gkakiteworldtour #gkakitesurf #kiteboarding #kitesurfing #tarifa #spain #qatarairways #gkaxqa

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