2015 F-One Bandit 7 Review

Brand: F-One
Kite Model: Bandit 7
Sizes Tested(m): 7, 9, 11
Sizes Available(m): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17

Review Synopsis: Smooth depower, smooth pull, quick turns equal industry leading refinement.

F-One Bandit Review2015 F-One Bandit Test ReviewThe Good Stuff:
The Bandit has driven the Delta C revolution with its light and nimble, three strut canopy that blends great levels of depower with C kite-style pop and smooth looping performance. The new Bandit continues to evolve for 2015 with even higher levels of flying refinement added to its smooth and agile character. Its nicely combined high level of prowess can be accessed by a wide range of kite conditions and riding styles. Testers noted the new Bandit has a nice direct feel, and nimble but smooth pivot turn over previous versions. It is one of the smoothest pulling and depowering kites of the test. Very well-balanced, with no tendency to back stall, the Bandit fires up wind and pulls smoothly at all angles of attack. The low end power is well-balanced with amazing range and smooth power generation that’s easy to find and use. It boosts like a champion and is tame enough to pop and play unhooked, with plenty of balance and drift and smooth kite loops. There is still enough wing tip to generate some smooth power out of the turns. If you get into trouble the Bandit can depower quickly and there the canopy holds tight and smooth through gusty conditions. The 7 meter was a champion in high winds as it out-ranged all of the other small kites of the test and still performed well while overly trimmed for less power. The Bandit’s chameleon-like performance is adaptable to any terrain and it sets the bar for a one-kite-for-all-condition quiver.

The Trade Off:
The lightweight canopy combined with high levels of quick depower can allow the canopy to flutter a bit when aggressively turned while sheeted out.

Best For:
The freeride master or aspiring intermediate that wants a nimble kite with the smooth refinement, good boost and pop, and some of the best-in-class, all-terrain performance.