2016 Slingshot Wave SST Review

Sizes Tested (m): 8, 10, 12

We were excited to jump on Slingshot’s first entry into the full wave market and were not disappointed. First inspection of the kite shows typical Slingshot bomb-proof construction, a very short leading edge bridle, and a very compact, almost C kite shape. When you pump the kite up, the center leading edge sits high off the beach (you need to sand this kite or it’ll take off for sure) which suggest some interesting geometry. On the water the Wave SST immediately delivers a rock-solid immensely stable feel. Turning speed is impressive, pivoting on a dime while still giving the rider plenty of feedback. It’s impressive how the kite retains its turning ability and feel even when near its max depower range. Compared to other wave kites on the market the Wave SST is not the most powerful for its size. Not to say it doesn’t have adequate low-end. Some manufacturers take the approach of packing in the maximum horsepower per size to enable riding the smallest possible kite, but the Wave SST doesn’t follow this approach. It has decent power for its size but has class-leading high wind/top-end performance. Most Slingshot wave kiters have used the Rally, which certainly offers decent wave performance. Riders moving from the Rally to the Wave SST can expect a much more energized, power-on feel, with a far stronger, more positive feel through the turns.

The Trade Off

It’s a little underpowered per size compared to some of the other top wave kites on the market, but it more than makes up for it with exceptional top-end ability. To compensate for this we’d suggest using a longer line set up on the smaller sizes in lighter wind conditions.

Best for

Riders looking for a bomb-proof, full-on wave kite for high wind conditions.

Here is a good little product video from Slingshot Kiteboarding.