2016 Core Section Review

Sizes Tested(m): 7, 9, 12

Sizes Available(m):  4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12LW, 14LW

Control Bar: Sensor Pro

Review Synopsis: Feather light feel, fast reactive steering, optimum balance and drift.

The Good Stuff: Core has added a wave-specific model to their formidable line up this year called the Section. Aimed at the pure and dedicated wave specialist, the Section offers some of the most dynamic and nimble flight character of all the wave kites tested. The Section employs what Core coins a Future-C, concept design; it has some squared but slightly swept wing tips and a superbly compact bridle that switches the power off easily and quickly. The Section’s pull is one of the smoothest and lightest through the harness. With well-balanced and good drift on the wave the Section’s ability to move and pivot at any level of depower is impressive. Depower comes on quick and streamlined and the feather light feel of the Core control systems add to the rider’s ability to focus on the wave. It doesn’t have the power and lift of some of the deeper profiled canopies, but its light and reactive shape and amazing drift make it ideal for riding waves and punting strapless airs. Advanced wave specialists that want a true wave kite that won’t hold them back can count on the Section.

The Trade Off: Slightly more on-and-off power than some of the more low-end oriented park and slash, wave kites.

Best For: Dedicated wave riders that want a superbly quick pivoting kite, with excellent drift ability and light feel and fluid controls while depowered.