2015 Slingshot Rally Review

Review Synopsis: Ultra-powerful and stable, with solid, all-around performance for any condition.

The Good Stuff:

The Rally has been a popular kite for riders that want sheet-and-go simplicity with smooth power on demand and versatile performance for any discipline. For 2015 the Rally’s power and efficiency are a key standout. The 12 meter Rally pulls and drives with amazing stability and its low-end drive and solid power was one of the top in the test. Power on demand gets you up and riding and if you have any type of lightwind board, the 12 Rally is the largest kite you will ever need. The smaller Rallys are more responsive to input and they pull smoothly with nice progressive levels of power delivered through the loop. The efficiency and smooth and solid canopy make this one of the top-performing Delta designs, with simple and short bridles and quick pivotal turns. The well-balanced canopy offers good drift qualities for down the line riding and is responsive at high levels of depower. The Rally flies so smoothly and solidly with very little canopy flutter even through aggressive gusts or rider input. Test riders gave the Rally top marks for big boost and hang time. By leveraging the Rally’s formidable power you can truly boost and glide with the best of them. The Rally steering is direct and the 10 meter had great range. The bar gives great feedback so you can always feel where the Rally is and it responds well to steering input without hesitation. Solid safety and construction features make the Rally a confident companion in any and every conceivable extreme environment.

The Trade Off:

Low-end power on the 12 takes away some of the liveliness and precision steering control but your friends will still be on the beach waiting for the wind while you’re boosting huge. Beware that it can be bit finicky to relaunch in super light winds.

Best For:

Progression-to-advanced wave riders that want the power and simplicity, easy to access power and big boosting ability, with the versatility to handle most riding styles. If you ride a surfboard with your smaller-sized kites, and want a big boosting, high-powered big kite, the Rally is the perfect addition to your quiver.

Size Tested: 10, 12

Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14