2015 Core Riot XR3 Review

Review Synopsis: Some magic handling for any level rider in any condition. Great low-end, sheet-and-go pull.

The Good Stuff:

The Riot XR3 is Core’s Crossride Kite that lets you choose your discipline and style rather than letting the kite dictate your progress. With some solid upgrades in profile and a shorter more compact bridle system, the Riot XR3 has a lot of key features that make an ideal kite for riders that wants to dabble in a little bit of everything. The low-end power is consistent and formidable and the Riot sits on the edge of the window with great comfort for upwind blasting. It makes it easy for progression riders to learn with the Riot, as it remains stable and controlled while sheeted out and never back stalls. Its water relaunch is effortless as the Riot’s pinched tips and open C shape lets it pivot easily from the helmet down position. The 2015 XR3 has a bit more direct feel than the previous model and feels more responsive to turn initiation on the larger sizes. The test riders noted the light touch steering and smooth pull of the XR3 with performance that is easy to be comfortable with. The depower and safety and control systems are arguably best in class. The Riot XR3 is the perfect family kite and also a kite that most riders will never outgrow. Its fast pivotal turns in the smaller sizes, and the ability to depower but still guide the kite, along with its light feeling 5-strut frame, make it an ideal companion in the waves. For those that like big, drifty jumping over the pop-and-drop style of some models, the XR3 is a true winner.

The Trade Off:

More of big boost and glide versus a pop and drift kite. Not as comfortable for unhooked freestyle like the wider tipped GTS3.

Best For:

Progression-to-advanced riders that want a kite with range and versatility with a tendency toward boost and glide, and a capable companion in the surf or flats.

Sizes Tested: 9, 11

Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15LW, 17LW, 19 LW