2015 Best TS Review

Review Synopsis: Solid canopy, with impressive depower and upper range, combined with aggressive boost and glide, and no limits for technical high-performance.

The Good Stuff:

The Best TS has been on the high-performance freeride leaderboard for several years. It’s one of those high-performance models that builds amazing versatility throughout its entire size range. The larger sizes are geared to aggressive freestyle performance while the smaller offer high-end handling, ideal for waves or slick sessions. For 2015 the TS feels more lively and reactive with less grunty pull in its system and more refined and reactive direct steering. It has lighter touch steering than the Kahoona and is better suited to unhooked freestyle with nice pop and control while loaded and unhooked. The fast pull lets you push the limits and offers great pull through the turn, and when carving hard heelside or toeside transitions. There is plenty of quick depower and shut off on this year’s version but with its more pronounced, squared wingtips, the TS has more of a C kite feel with power generation through the sweeping turn of the wing tips. It can be suitable for an aggressive and fast learning beginner. The TS keeps pushing the limits as the wind picks up and with a little trimming it will pop and drift with the best of them. The nine meter is really the master of all elements with reliable and high-end performance in the park or in the surf. With solid improvements in control systems, the Best TS represents the pinnacle of high-end versatility with adaptable performance to most skill levels and a penchant for the advanced freestyler and waveriding enthusiast.

The Trade Off:

The Kahoona has more low-end but the fast pulling speed and aggressive pop and pull of this kite make it ideal for full-powered riding.

Best For:

The intermediate that wants to push it to the next level or the discerning advanced rider that wants no compromises in any arena.

Sizes Tested: 9, 12

Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12