2014 Slingshot Rally Review

Size tested: 8m Suggested retail: $ 1,739 (9m Complete)
Sizes available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m

Test Team Report
The Slingshot Rally has evolved again and stepped up its game 2014, propelling it forward as one of the most all-around versatile freeride kites available today. It could stand easily as top contender in the Progression, Waves or even the master class of All-Terrain legends. Last season, the Rally changed more drastically, as Slingshot added two small struts and leech battens to stiffen its wing tips. It evolved from a light-touch, fast-pivot wave master and became a more all-around kite that is as equally adept at boosting or dabbling in some unhooked freestyle.
This year, the Rally seems even more crisp and precise, with smooth and progressive power delivery that will put a smile on your face in any conditions. It has nimble and smooth pivotal turns with nice pull and no flutter through the loop. For jumping, the Rally also soars and offers surprisingly aggressive hang time. The crisp reactivity of the steering and positive power ban with progressive depower sets a new standard for kites that you want to use in a variety of situations and is applicable to the full gamut of skill sets. This should be Slingshot’s most popular kite, because it has all the performance traits that multi-disciplined riders look for in an all-around kite.

The Trade-off:
Sometimes those with pure performance for a dedicated riding style will shy away from a kite that is the jack of all trades but a master of none.

Best For:
Any level of rider can use this kite, and it will suit them well in a wide range of conditions and styles, from waves to freeride to freestyle.