Slingshot Screamer Review

DESIGN FEATURES: The Screamer adopts the T-Rex shape, with a blunt nose and parallel outline that amps up this board’s down-the-line performance with a pulled in, round and pinched thumb tail. The Thruster set up is powered by FCS II fins, with their convenient keyless inserts. Smoother riding and more consistent feel for this year over the T-Rex of old.

FREERIDING/FREESTYLE: The Screamer is smooth riding and has some of the inherent benefits of the blunt nose design, with reduced swing weight and better balance for freestyle manoeuvring and strapless airs. Although it had slightly less power and upwind drive than some of the wider-tailed blunt nose boards of the test, it feels loose and lively and quicker from edge-to-edge than many of the boards. Maybe not as comfortable at powered riding as some of the boards, with slightly more bounce, but the Screamer shines when riding the wave.

RIDING SURF:  The narrower, round, thin tail of the Screamer gives this board some great carving and control on a wave. It backs up and slows down on the face if you need it to, and has lots of power to drive down the line and then crack the face to bust out the fins.

BEST FOR:  Jumping and small-to-midsize surf.

Width:17 3/4”
Thickness: 2 5/16”
Width 6” from tail:11 .”
Width 12” from tail:14 .”
Width 18” from tail:16 .” 
From tail to max width: 34 .”
Fin set up: Thruster