Length: 5’8” / Width: 19.1” Thickness: 2.21” / Fins: Thruster

The Rusty Yes Thanks is a real world performance surfboard built for traditional short board surfing. Nothing beats a real surf shape on waves and Rusty’s high tech construction gives the Yes Thanks the required stiffness and durability to double as a real wave kitesurf board. The core is made from a lighter weight closed cell foam that keeps the board stiff and light. Kevlar reinforcements on the rail also add some stiffness and durability. The Yes Thanks wants to be on a wave and it requires more power to get on a plane and drive upwind than most dedicated kitesurf designs. The bottom shape has some concave in it which helps the Yes Thanks drive smoothly over rough water. The light weight and stiff reactive hull keep the Yes Thanks smooth and controllable behind the kite and it doesn’t bounce too much while driving across the wind like some higher rockered surf shapes. On the wave face nothing beats an all around ripper like this surfboard. Light reactive and snappy off the lip, the Yes Thanks is a great travel board for the experienced surfer that wants a board to pull into waves behind a kite. The true surf shape feel is hard to beat and with the increased durability of the advanced construction, the Yes Thanks is ready for hardcore wave sessions.