Ride Engine Hex Core Harness Review

The Ride Engine Hex Core, is a hard shell design that took the kite harness industry by storm over the past two seasons with its locked in support and simple, sliding rope spreader connection. This harness locks you in place and is designed to be worn very tight so it will never ride up. Locked firmly at the lumbar the Ride Engine Hex Core Harness distributes the load evenly across the back and torso with the hard shell back increasing stiffness and support. The lower profile allows full range of motion for uninhibited wave riding or freeride foil boarding. The Ride Engine can be equipped with a carbon or metal slider bar or fixed hook spreader. The spreader cinch and connection system is also unique, quick to attach and extremely effective at cranking you down with a snug fit. It avoids any metal connection points with a simple strap and PVC loop system. This harness is a market leader for value, but you can up the game even more with Ride Engine’s Elite series lineup that features even stiffer, full carbon hard shell models.


Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL