Friday, December 1, 2023
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Review: Mystic”The One” Longarm Shorty 3/2mm Wetsuit

Finding the ideal wetsuit that combines comfort, flexibility, and warmth is often akin to seeking the proverbial needle in a haystack. Enter “The One” Longarm Shorty 3/2mm, which might just be the answer to that quest.

Feel and Fit: The first thing our tester noted was the almost ethereal feel of the suit once worn. Thanks to its flexible MX4 Yamamoto neoprene construction, it molds to the body with unparalleled ease, making it feel as if it almost disappears. This level of comfort and adaptability ensures that riders can focus on the waves, rather than any restrictive clothing.

For those who have struggled with front-zip suits, the good news is that “The One”, especially in its XL size, is surprisingly easier to slip into. The shoulder area, often a pain point for many when donning a wetsuit, poses no challenges with this model. It’s even a noticeable improvement over some of the front-zip suits that we have recently used.

Warmth and Protection: While its lightweight feel might give another impression, “The One” doesn’t compromise on warmth. After a fresh dunking in the water, our testers found it to be slightly warmer than the 3/2 Marshall, feeling like it’s a 1/2 to one mm thicker/warmer in the body, with less wind chill. This warmth can be attributed to the suit’s Yamamoto rubber.

The GBS seams, combined with the Waterproof stretch taping on the inside, ensure no unwanted water seepage, keeping the wearer dry and warm. The Glideskin neck construction adds another layer of comfort, preventing any chafing or irritation, a much-welcomed feature during longer sessions.

Aesthetic and Design: Functionality aside, “The One” doesn’t skimp on style. Available in three vibrant colors – black, green, and red – it boasts a chic striped artwork along the arms, making it a standout piece on the beach. The absence of a zipper not only enhances its sleek look but also adds to the suit’s overall comfort and flexibility.

If you’ve been on the hunt for ‘The One’ perfect wetsuit, your search might just end here. Combining style, warmth, flexibility, and comfort, this Longarm Shorty 3/2mm suit sets a new benchmark in the world of kitesurfing gear. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, “The One” promises to elevate your kitesurfing experience.

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