Length: 5’6” / Width: 19” 

Thickness: 2.875” / Fins: Quad or tri 

The Duke is the big brother of Ocean Rodeo’s funboard directional line and it planes up early for light wind cruising. It features a deep central concave that runs through most of the hull and lets it hover over chop while riding flat. This is a fun shape to drive into speeding turns with lots of front foot pressure. It has a ton of fin set up options this year that let you tune the board for different conditions and riding styles from flatwater strapless freestyle to barreling surf. Ocean Rodeo also equips the series with five sets of high quality fins that connect to the Futures fin box system. For riding waves the quad set up mode works the best and enables deeper biting bottom turns and improved upwind drive. On a wave the Duke has its own unique feel and is well suited for the intermediate to advanced kitesurfer that wants a smooth ride over choppy water. The outline and shape of the Duke eliminates the chatter and bounce of more traditional surf shapes. The Duke can be ridden strapless for freestyle or with straps and the light weight but ultra grippy OR deck pads are amazing. The construction is stiff and durable with a thermo molded skin that can handle any amount of clumsiness or aggressive riding.