North Whip Tested

DESIGN FEATURES: The Whip is refined from last year’s radical shape that featured its modern compact shape with blunt nose, parallel outline and bat tail. This board can be ridden with straps or strapless, and provides a versatile and high-performing ride, for small waves or wave freestyle. The new double concave shape under the nose, keeps the Whip from pearling on steeper faces or in tacking transitions. On the deck concaves under your front feet enhance your connection to the board. The wider tail and early-planing hull get the board up on plane with effortless efficiency.

FREERIDING/FREESTYLE: The Whip is another superbly easy and fun surfboard to ride on. It will suit any level of rider for 80 per cent of the surf conditions that occur in most spots. For freeride blasting it planes up quickly and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to burying the rail for a turn. The Whip drives upwind with easy pressure and nice flow out the tail and over chop. The wide tail also makes it one of best for punting off the lip and the Whip is nicely balanced in the air. The Whip is a blast with straps and feels comfortable riding with power in both straps.

RIDING SURF: The Whip lets you get the most out of smaller waves and still holds up the bargain as the swell picks up. It’s a board that feels smaller but it generates lots of power for pushing upwind or hopping over chop. The pads are comfortable and the contoured deck gives you nice grip and control for everything from hard-driving bottom turns and vertical cutbacks.

BEST FOR:  Any level of rider and will push riders to make the most out of every session.

Length: 5’4”
Width: 18”
Thickness: 2 3/16”
Width 6” from tail: 14 1/4”
Width 12” from tail: 15 .”
Width 18” from tail: 16 .”
From tail to max width: 33”
Fin set up: Thruster