NORTH SONAR 1150 Review


The new North Sonar foil system has solid performance characteristics within a modular set up with three wings that offer different levels of lift, speed and manoeuvrability but with a similar feel. The Sonar foil wings are suitable to any skill level or riding style. The set up features an aluminum mast and fuselage with nicely finished, carbon constructed, front and back wings. The Sonar 1150 is the second largest surf foil wing, and has lots of low end power and early lift. For light wind or smaller kites and slower riding, or carving and just general cruising performance, the Sonar 1150 checks all the boxes. It has the same feel as the 850 but with nice floaty lift over top end speed. Perfect for light wind sessions or heavier riders though, where extra lift and planing power is key. The Sonar 1150 also drives on a foil with more equal foot pressure making it a balanced and stable ride and maybe more familiar to standard kiteboarding with slightly more driving and steering from the back foot versus the front. Compared to similar foil designs from F-One and Duotone, the North Sonar has a shorter fuselage. This translates to tighter radius turns with snappier back foot finishes that advanced riders can have some fun with. For experienced foil riders that are used to a foil that is more front foot lift oriented, it might take a few sessions to dial in. Overall, the North Sonar 1150 is a great foil for any level rider that wants a foil with low stall.