NORTH SENSE 135X47 CM Review


The North Sense is a foil deck designed for amazing value and ease of use and easy travel. Built in the twintip style construction with a stiff Paulownia wood core, the Sense features a nice foam padded deck with lots of width and a large flat section for foot work. Easy for set up with a fixed base plate mounting inserts, the Sense works in good unison with the Sonar Foil system wings that we tested. The thin ABS sidewalls are durable and its size and thinness minimize space consumption in your board bag for air travel. Having a thin twintip style deck like this makes tipping the foil on edge for strapless waterstarts effortless. Roll it over and go, the grippy foam deck and wide surface of the Sense ensure the set up pops up in the lightest of winds. Great deck for any rider that wants to learn the ropes and beyond. There’s enough flip in the nose to limit burying it on touch downs, and the flat surface area underfoot pushes plenty of water. More flex in the deck and a flat deck make these style of boards slightly less reactive to rider input and pumping, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when learning the basics of foil riding. The foam padding on the top sheet is nice and thick on the Sense which makes it nice and comfortable while the corduroy texture provides excellent grip. The Sense also has footstrap inserts for three or two strap set ups. Overall, the Sense and Sonar combo work were well liked by the all test riders and was a go to with the Sonar 1050.