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The North Scoop nicely compliments the reactive performance of the Sonar foil system with its lightweight construction and concave deck. True to its name, the Scoop has lots of flip in the nose which ensures you don’t bury it when touching down off the foil. The EPS foam core is wrapped with an epoxy construction that’s both light and stiff. It ensures quick feedback to and from the rider and makes the board more sensitive for carving and pumping. The Scoop has some aggressive concave on the top deck along with a nicely padded and corduroy texture foam grip. Test riders were impressed with the compact shape and the comfortable and reactive ride of the Scoop and Sonar combo. The combination gives this board amazing reactivity and much admired, comfort and grip. Having the concave in a foil deck has some key performance benefits both above and below the water. As mentioned the foil reacts quicker to input, and also feels more comfortable driving the foil hard into carves or on a speed run when you are heeled out over the foil. The Scoop 120 also comes equipped with a track mounting system. This is ideal for riders that want to ride straps or for learning in general, as you can tune the correct lift and foot pressure into the foil by moving it forward or back. The Scoop is a great board for the foil boarder that has the basics down and wants to take it to the next level. 

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