North Pro CSC Tested

DESIGN FEATURES: The new Pro CSC is a dedicated strapless freestyle shape, which means no strap inserts and the most superb lightweight construction available. The CSC features a deep, double concave under the nose of the board which combats pearling on a steep wave. The top deck has a scooped double concave area for your feet which gives amazing grip and positional feel. Top-quality, lightweight surf construction gives the most surfboard-like feel under unstrapped feet.

FREERIDING/FREESTYLE:  The Pro CSC was one of the test favorites for its smooth, quick and controllable nature. Its smoothness over chop and hammer-down speed makes this board feel reactive and lively. The blunt nose and parallel shape give it great balance for unstrapped air and freestyle. The double concave in the top deck gives you extra grip and feel for the board, which also enhances its strapless air performance. Depending on back foot pressure and placement of your foot toward the back, the PRO CSC can deliver drawn out biting turns or can snap off the lip.

RIDING SURF: Having a board that is fast upwind and can charge or slow down when you need it to, gets you into more waves in less time. And the Pro CSC was a standout for that. It was also smooth and snappy on the wave, with lots of power in the hull to get you the most out of smaller sections of beach break. In moderate-sized waves it can still carve, stall, and slide nicely on waves and link fast and snappy turns on the wave. On the steeper and larger waves the pronounced concave in the nose seems to work perfectly to ensure your board doesn’t pearl and helps you drive down the face until your bottom turn. A lightweight build and very reactive feel gives the Pro CSC a custom feel and snappy, low swing weight that’s almost unmatched.

BEST FOR: Number one go-to for small-to-medium sized surf, fast and smooth riding board for cruising.

Length: 5’5”
Width: 18 1/4”
Thickness: 2 1/4”
Width 6” from tail: 12”
Width 12” from tail: 14 3/4”
Width 18” from tail: 16 1/2”
From tail to max width: 34”
Fin set up: Tri