Mitu Monteiro Kitesurfing 12 Volcanic Islands in Cape Verde Completely Solo | Unstoppable

For the first time, Mitu Monteiro, a Cape Verdean kitesurfing pro and former world champion, attempts to cross the 12 volcanic islands of his native archipelago completely solo. Taking on more than 730 km of kitesurfing, interspersed with island traverses totaling approximately 200 km, Mitu’s challenges are stacked ahead of him. But for this nature-lover, there is also the potential to meet unknown marine life and discover new landscapes in a region with many faces, internationally recognized for its biodiversity.

With a total trajectory of nearly 900 km in total and a route that had to be thought and rethought due to wind direction, shark infested waters, and distances that push this athlete to his limit, Monteiro’s skills will be put to the ultimate test

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