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The Point of No Return: Big Air Adventure at Cape Point

When the North team riders, including Cohan Van Dijk, Jett Bradshaw, Luca Ceruti, and Graham Howes, decided on a photoshoot at the treacherous Cape Point, they envisioned a routine day. Yet, the tumultuous waters and the challenges of nature had other plans for them.

The Beginning of a Wild Ride

From the onset, this wasn’t going to be a standard adventure. As they journeyed, a wave went right over their boat, turning it almost vertical, painting a picture of what awaited them at Cape Point. It was a scene straight from an adrenaline-pumping thriller.

The destination was far from serene. Huge cliffs loomed, met by aggressive ocean swells that exploded upon impact. Water sprayed everywhere, creating a stunning, albeit intimidating, backdrop. For the North team, the ambience evoked mixed feelings: awe at the beauty of nature, and trepidation at the intense conditions awaiting them.

Challenges Galore

The team knew that taming Cape Point would be a herculean task. Despite meticulous planning by Alex, there’s only so much one can prepare for when confronting the unpredictable might of the ocean.

On their first attempt, they encountered numerous challenges, from finding a suitable beach to launch from, to navigating massive waves and unpredictable winds. Their ordeal included a playful game of ‘ching chong chow’, where the losing team would have the additional duty of pumping up the winners’ kites the next day. It was all fun and games until nature revealed its wild side.

A Second Shot at Glory

Determined to succeed, day two saw them consulting with Alex to get the best forecast. They needed to ascertain the right moment to venture out without risking their safety unnecessarily. As they approached Cape Point, the sheer force of 55 knots winds made one thing clear: nature was in full force, and it was a force to be reckoned with.

While the team was united in their ambition, launching was another beast. With swells crashing in quick succession and powerful winds challenging their navigation, every takeoff and landing was a gamble.

Moments of Reflection

The team’s adventure wasn’t just about battling the elements. It was also about pushing personal boundaries, confronting fears, and coming out stronger on the other side. There were moments of pure exhilaration, tempered by instances of genuine concern for safety.

By the end of their expedition, sentiments were mixed. Some saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a tick off the bucket list. For others, the sheer risk and the visceral fear they felt made them adamant about not wanting a repeat.

The North team’s daring endeavor at Cape Point serves as a testament to the human spirit’s resolve. It was a journey filled with unpredictable challenges, heart-stopping moments, and undeniable camaraderie. While they may not be rushing back to Cape Point anytime soon, they undoubtedly left with memories that will last a lifetime and a story that will inspire countless others.

The camera crew: @as_the_dodo_do @AdamSims @MolenaarVisuals
Team Riders: @cohanvandijk3676 @lucaceruti1533 @jettbradshaw7756 @grahamhowes

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