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Editor's ChoiceLucas Arsenault - Peer Pressure

Lucas Arsenault – Peer Pressure

Lucas Arsenault’s life revolves around kiteboarding; whether it’s planning the next kite trip, discovering a new kite spot, constantly checking the wind, or figuring out where to kite today. When he has his mind on something you can guarantee it’s happening. It’s been fun and motivating watching his freestyle progression this year. There’s never a dull moment, as Lucas doesn’t hesitate to switch it up. Foiling, surfing, or twintip… There is always something new to play on in the water.  

Matt Elsasser: What’s the story with you and your brother getting into kiting together? 

Lucas Arsenault: My older brother Matt is the reason I got into this sport. He began riding when I was ten-years-old in front of our cottage at home. Since then it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do and we still kite together as much as we can.

Matt Elsasser: What’s your home spot like? 

Lucas Arsenault: My home beach is, Mont Carmel in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The spot is awesome. We have all the conditions from butter flat to choppy waves depending on the tides. I was very lucky to grow up on the water. I was able to kite in my front yard which allowed me to get out every windy day.

Evan Netsch: Is there a specific memory you have of when you first fell in love with kiting?

Lucas Arsenault: My first time kiting properly upwind. I remember sitting back in my harness cruising thinking it was the best thing in the world.

Mark Cafero: If you could only do one trick, what would it be?

Lucas Arsenault: Oh that’s a hard decision. I think I would choose the KGB. I love the rotations and all the variation you can add to it.

Evan Netsch: What’s the next trick on your list that you want to learn?

Lucas Arsenault: There’s always way too many things on the trick list, that’s what keeps the sport motivating. My tricks really revolve around the sessions. Some days I feel like adding different grabs to specific tricks and the next session I feel like trying to do doubles. I really just try to have fun and do what feels right.

Craig Cunningham: What’s with the nickname Spud Bud?

Lucas Arsenault: Haha, that started with you and Sam Medysky at the acai stand in Brazil when you guys started chirping up about potatoes. Potatoes, also known as spuds, are the main industry from my home island. On top of that, there’s a famous song from Stomping Tom named Bud the Spud that also inspired the idea.

Craig Cunningham: How many different types of potato dishes can you whip up?

Lucas Arsenault: Not as many as you think, but I do have a few really good ones.

Craig Cunningham: Is it true you ride snowmobiles to school in the winter? And in the fall you pick potatoes instead of learning math?

Lucas Arsenault: If you have a snowmobile, you’re for sure taking it to school. Way cooler than the bus. Unfortunately not anymore, but back in the day they would shut down school for two weeks during potato season.

Photo by Nik Ganderton

Damien LeRoy: If three of your buddies decided to jump off the Golden Gate bridge with a kite. Would you be the first or wait for someone to go first?

Lucas Arsenault: Tricky call, I think I would be the first one because the first person always gets all the credit.

Damien LeRoy: What was your worst kite disaster?

Lucas Arsenault: My worst kite disaster would be the time I wore out my depower line by using the same bar too much. This led to the line snapping on a random cold autumn session and the kite flying out of my hands when I didn’t expect it! It’s a sad moment seeing your kite fly away. Luckily, the kite was okay where it landed but this created the biggest line tangle I’ve ever seen. Not so much of a dangerous kite disaster, but definitely not fun.

Sam Medysky: Best spot you’ve been kiteboarding and why?

Lucas Arsenault: Definitely Brazil as most people would say. The flat water lagoons and non-stop winds allow you to progress through the roof in a very short period of time. Sam Medysky: What’s your go to meal/recipe while on the road?

Lucas Arsenault: For those who have traveled with me they know I’m not a good cook. But I can whip up a pretty good omelette in the morning.

Matt Elsasser: What’s your funniest moment while traveling to kite?

Lucas Arsenault: Traveling to Brazil with a few buddies and everyone relying on each other to bring a pump. Turns out no one brought a pump to the best place to kite in the world.

Sam Medysky: Favorite kiteboarder growing up?

Lucas Arsenault: Definitely Ruben Lenten, Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Aaron Hadlow.

Alex Thon: Favourite edit that always get you stoked to go ride?

Lucas Arsenault: DE BRAZIL, Sam Light’s part.

Evan Netsch: If you didn’t love to kite so much, what would you be doing? 

Lucas Arsenault: For sure as a Canadian I would be playing a whole lot more hockey. Maybe would be in school or working a trade at home. Definitely happy I found kiteboarding.

Alex Thon: If you could be part of any other board sport, what would it be?

Lucas Arsenault: Probably snowboarding; it’s a sport I really loved doing growing up in Canada and I could see the progression being very addicting, just like kiteboarding.

Alex Thon: What is some advice you would give groms aspiring to kite professionally?

Lucas Arsenault: Just go out, ride as much as possible and have the most fun. Everything else will come along with that.

Craig Cunningham: What’s your plan this year? 

Lucas Arsenault: Lots of traveling and competing, mainly just growing my kiteboarding career as much as I can.


Lucas Arsenault: The best part of kiteboarding in Canada is unquestionably the variation of prime kiteboarding spots. Coming from an island where you aresurrounded with amazing spots for every wind direction within a 20-minute drive. The only down side is our short season.

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