Liquid Force Messenger Review

DESIGN FEATURES: The Messenger is Liquid Force’s blunt nose, board with quad fin set up and channels in the nose and tail. The rocker line gives it a loose feel on the wave. Featuring long and parallel rail lines and extra buoyancy for heavier riders and depowered ripping. With grab rails on the mid-section of the top deck and inserts for straps or strapless riding.

FREERIDING/FREESTYLE: Designed for enhancing depowered surfing on a wave, the Messenger feels more at home on the wave or carving the flats than ripping out to the break or powering through flatwater. It powers up easily, grips upwind well and was one of the loosest from rail-to-rail of any board on the test. Easy to pop and pump you can quickly edge the board upwind making it fun for some bump-and-jump freestyle.

RIDING SURF:  On the wave the Messenger is loose and snappy off the lip and it rides like a big surfboard but with the quick edge-to-edge feel of a smaller shape. It likes surfing the wave while using the kite as little as possible to find the most power from the wave. Best in smaller surf for the lighter weight riders, but heavier riders will appreciate this board on the wave the most. Smaller riders should consider the 5’1” Messenger.

BEST FOR: Bigger or more advanced riders that want a board with less compromise on the wave.

Width:17 1/5”
Thickness: 2 .”
Width 6” from tail:13 .”
Width 12” from tail:15 .”
Width 18” from tail:17 1/8”
From tail to max width:32”
Fin set up:Quad