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Editor's ChoiceThe Best Cape Hatteras Restaurants

The Best Cape Hatteras Restaurants

Kitesurfing Magazine’s Top 5 Places to Eat in Cape Hatteras!

Discover the culinary delights of Cape Hatteras with Kitesurfing Magazine’s top picks for dining! As avid riders, the Kitesurfing Magazine crew knows the importance of refueling during their kiteboarding adventures. Whether they’re enjoying the superb conditions at Watermen’s Retreat at Real in the fall or embarking on exciting ocean or sound side sessions at Kite Point or Wing Hole, they always find time to indulge in a delicious meal. While their nights are often filled with homemade dinners, their list of favorite spots revolves around breakfast and lunch options. Curated by our esteemed editor-in-chief, John Bryja, these eateries are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings while exploring the Outer Banks.

Watermen’s Bar and Grill: Located in a prime spot for enjoying breathtaking sunsets or grabbing a quick lunch right on the water, Watermen’s Bar and Grill tops our list as the best après-kite location in Cape Hatteras. Their Tuna sandwich and tuna bites are highly recommended, and be sure to try their cilantro dipping sauce for an extra burst of flavor. Tuesday is Fajita night! Yes, they have Tuna Fajitas too. I could happily eat at Watermen’s everyday! Watermen’s Bar & Grill (

Monster tuna sandwich at Watermen’s Bar and Grill.

Po House: Situated next to Ocean Air, Po House is a beloved dining spot for watersports enthusiasts in Avon. With a fantastic selection of seafood and massive burgers, this restaurant is a go-to choice for a satisfying dinner after a day of kitesurfing. A great romantic date spot too. Po House even has some patio tables right on the water! Po House (

Mmmm. Tuna at Po House OBX.

Waves Market & Deli: When you’re looking for a convenient, delicious and massive lunch to take to the beach, Waves Market & Deli has got you covered. Their menu features a variety of options, but the off-menu Cali Burrito stands out as a favorite among pro kiters and the kitesurfing magazine test team. It’s a towel-sized burrito packed with chicken or steak and flavors that will satisfy your lunchtime hunger. This is usually the first meal I eat when I arrive to Cape Hatteras, and I almost always get one for my drive home. Facebook

Yes, that’s our editor’s Burrito on the bench out front of Waves Deli. That bench is their only seating so it’s a to go meal.

BROS – Avon: For a satisfying pre-session lunch, head over to BROS in Avon. This spot offers a range of delectable sandwiches, and while they’re all delicious, don’t miss out on trying their Cali Club. With its fresh ingredients and satisfying combination of flavors, it’s a must-try for kitesurfing enthusiasts in Cape Hatteras. My Master Card bill is proof that my kids eat here at least once a day when we stay in Avon. BROS™ – Seriously Awesome.

Bro’s Cali Club moments before destruction.

Frisco Sandwich Co: Whenever we head to the south side of the island to catch a N/E sound side session or an ocean downwinder when its blowing S/W, Frisco Sandwich Co is on our list of places to grab a quick lunch. Lots of well-priced sandwiches and wraps to choose from. I’m always a sucker for a real North Carolina pulled pork sandwich, and massive pickle. Facebook

Bonus Breakfast Options:

Orange Blossom Bakery: Located next to the original Real Watersports Buxton store (now in Waves), Orange Blossom Bakery is a longtime local favorite among kiteboarders. Start your day with their mouthwatering Apple Uglies, an apple fritter the size of your head that will surely fuel you for a day of kitesurfing adventures. Leave one in a bag on your dashboard, and your pickup dash will be shinny all summer! Orange Blossom Bakery & Cafe

Apple Uglies are trademarked and are the size of your head.

Hatteras Bowls: If you’re in the mood for a refreshing and healthy breakfast option, look no further than Hatteras Bowls. They specialize in Acai bowls, providing a tasty and nutritious start to your day. The owner’s are kiteboarders too! Contact Us | Hatteras Bowls

Cape Hatteras is not only a paradise for kitesurfers but also a culinary haven with some of the best restaurants on the coast. Whether you’re looking for a post-kite dinner, a quick lunch to take to the beach, or a satisfying breakfast to kick-start your day, these top restaurants in Cape Hatteras offer a range of mouthwatering options that will satisfy your taste buds and fuel your adventures on the water.

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