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Puerto Rico Kitesurfing & Wing Guide

By Dylan Shewfelt

Need to Know:

Airport Code: SJU

Average Wind Strength: 17-23 knots

Best Months: Mid-November to the end of August

Local pros: Arland Miller, Sean Reyngoudt

Dive into the exhilarating world of Puerto Rico’s kiteboarding scene with Dylan Shewfelt, co-founder of Kite Puerto Rico and our guide to this tropical paradise. A seasoned watersports enthusiast, Dylan’s deep connection to the island’s diverse conditions makes him the ideal narrator for our journey. Puerto Rico offers steady winds, warm waters, and a vibrant culture, standing out as a premier destination for kiteboarders of all levels. Through Dylan’s expert lens, we’ll explore why this island should top your list for an unforgettable kiteboarding adventure. 

Picuas Rio Grande

Imagine a place where the wind consistently graces the shores, the warmth of the water is just refreshing enough to invigorate without chilling, and every sunset paints a masterpiece in the sky. Such a paradise exists, and it’s called Puerto Rico, a place we are fortunate to call home.

We transitioned to Puerto Rico five years ago after sampling numerous kiteboarding locales worldwide, including Cabarete, Riviera Maya, Zanzibar, Cape Town, Egypt, and Hood River. Upon arrival, it was clear: Puerto Rico was the idyllic spot we’d been searching for. More than just a kiteboarding destination, it’s a vibrant and livable island teeming with diverse offerings. With the advent of winging and downwind foiling, our reasons to explore further dwindled. So, we invite you to join us in this slice of heaven.

Ocean Park

The Scene:

Puerto Rico boasts approximately 300 windy days per year. On less windy days, the island either offers beautiful waves for beginner to intermediate surfers and SUP enthusiasts or calm, glassy waters perfect for e-foiling. Winds typically range from 17-23 knots from morning till sunset, with even full moon nights offering unique night kiting opportunities. The local scene vibrates with activity, from kiteboarding to wing foiling.

The island also provides many other attractions, like the majestic El Yunque rainforest and the bustling city of San Juan, known for its excellent cuisine and lively nightlife.

Riding Locations:

Ocean Park, San Juan, North Coast: Our premier spot features a wide, sandy beach that gradually deepens, offering safe and easy access for all skill levels. Despite its perfection, it remains relatively undiscovered, avoiding the crowds found at more popular destinations. The coral reef a mile offshore creates a protected area that doubles as an excellent wave spot from November through May.

Ocean Park Numero Uno in the background.

Playa Picuas, Rio Grande, North Coast: Offers serene waters with few people, ideal for peaceful kiting with stunning views of El Yunque rainforest. Plans are underway for a second location here, enhancing the experience with accommodations at Las Picuas.

La Parguera, South Coast: Known for its endless flat waters, requiring a bit of effort to access but rewarding with tranquil, island-hopping opportunities among the mangroves. A must-try is the bioluminescent tour at night.

Kitesurfing at La Paraguera, Puerto Rico

Where to Eat:

Numero Uno Beach House is our go-to spot, uniquely located directly on the beach. It caters to beachgoers with a selection of seafood, vegan, and gluten-free options. The area offers many dining choices, ensuring something new to discover each evening. La Placita is unbeatable for a taste of local culture and music, and Old San Juan offers stunning colonial architecture and vibrant bars.

Numero Uno Beach House

Conditions (Gear to Bring):

With average winds of 17-23 knots, most riders use a 10m kite or a 5m wing. Gear rental and coaching are available for all levels and interests, ensuring you’re covered regardless of what you’ve brought along.

San Juan Wave spot

Local Knowledge:

A fascinating aspect of Puerto Rico’s geography is that both the North and South coasts are kiteable thanks to the eastward winds wrapping around the island.


Must Do:

Don’t miss the chance to ride an Electric Hydrofoil, a Puerto Rican invention. Also, experience the cultural richness of Puerto Rico with Bomba music and dance at La Terraza Bonanza on Mondays.

Getting There:

Luis Munoz Airport in San Juan is a mere 8-minute drive from our main spot, making it convenient for those eager to hit the water upon arrival.


Numero Uno Beach House offers beachfront lodging with cabana service, ideal for those wanting to maximize their beach time. Special discounts are available for guests booking directly and participating in kiteboarding activities.

Dylan’s Kite Spot: Numero Uno Beach House
All Hotels: Check Hotel Pricing and Availability

Local Schools/Shops:

Kite Puerto Rico, an IKO-certified school, provides private lessons, gear rentals, and a shop stocked with essentials and the latest gear.

Dylan Shewfelt, co-founder of Kite Puerto Rico, embodies the spirit of watersports, mastering everything from kiteboarding to wing foiling. Always found at Numero Uno Beach House, Dylan offers unparalleled insights into Puerto Rico’s watersports scene, sharing secrets over an IPA with those eager to learn. 

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