Industry Ultimatum to IKA and PKRA / VKWT

The Global Kitesports Association (GKA) – representing the majority of the kite-sport companies sponsoring professional riders worldwide – called upon the representatives of IKA and WKT (last year operating under the name VKWC and former PKRA) to settle the ongoing dispute until the 15th January 2016. It is also required by the production companies of kiteboards and kites that IKA and WKT organize together one World-Tour in 2016. Such a tour must be based on a financial sound concept and offer at least 4 reliable tour-stops, which are professionally organised. That concept has to be proven by the GKA.

Companies as well as riders require reliability, professionalism and sustainability by the tour-organiser.

In case IKA and WKT will not find a solution for the conflict until the 15th January and in consequence offer separate tours, the majority of all companies propose the following: WKT shell organise all freestyle- and wave-riding competitions/events. IKA shell organise all race competitions/events.

In case that solution will also not accepted by IKA and WKT the majority of all companies sponsoring the main field of male and female riders will support a possible WKT-tour only, unless the financial and organisational concept of WKT is not convincing to the

The GKA will publish its final decision on the 20th January 2016.

Dr. Jörgen Vogt
Secretary General
Global Kitesports Association e.V.

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