The GKA Global Kitesports Association, is the newly formed kiteboarding industry group featuring all major brands. Amongst the situation between various tour operators, the GKA decided to create its own unique GKA ranking system, taking the results from major events of both tours into consideration.

To bring kitesports back to its diverse roots, the GKA included Red Bull King of the Air and the Triple S into its ranking along with critical freestyle tour stops. For more information: click here.

Airush Kiteboarding team riders, Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya, took the title of Riders of the Year in both Mens and Womens divisions. This prestigious ranking takes into account various types of riding from the freestyle, wakestyle and big air categories to give an award to the most versatile riders in the world. Both riding the latest Airush Razor kite and their pro-model boards like the Livewire Team 140 and Diamond 134.