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InstructionalFoilboardingFirst turns on a foil | Gybes and Footswitch - Steven...

First turns on a foil | Gybes and Footswitch – Steven Akkersdijk

After your first flights on the Hydrofoil it’s time to learn how to turn. In this video I talk about the Gybes and the footswitch. In next weeks episode I’ll talk about tacks.

Part 1: Gybes and Footswitch
Part 2: Tack and Rolltack (releasing on the 7th of October)

00:48 Intro
01:17 The gybe
04:25 Riding downloop
05:35 Downloop gybe
07:40 Footswitch
08:58 Next week

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Filming and cover shot: José Denis-Robichaud

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