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InstructionalFoilboardingHow to DOCK START a foil board

How to DOCK START a foil board

How to DOCK START a foil board

In this weeks video Tom Court learns how to dock start a foilboard. When you first try, it really doesn’t feel like it is going to work. In this video Tom goes over his 5 top tips to getting started as he learns to dock start. Having lovely blue warm water definitely helps, as it’s pretty miserable in cold water. Once you get it… it clicks!

Tom Court is using a Fanatic Surf Foil wing, 2000 with a large 350 tail wing and a short fuselage, it has a long beam for stability and a 0.05 degree elevation on the rear wing. Tom weight 90kg’s and it took him a few days to get constant at it because it is tiring!! —Tom Court


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