Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Steven Akkersdijk

2024 Core Kitesurfing preview

Steven Akkersdijk shares the new 2024 kiteboarding releases from Core.

2023 Core Kitesurfing preview

Core pro team riders Eric Rienstra and Steven Akkersdijk take Kitesurfing Magazine head tester Shane Thompson through the highlights of the 2023 lineup.  

Steven Akkersdijk – KITE VLOGGING

Steven Akkersdijk is one of kiteboarding’s top big air riders. He was on the podium at the 2014 Red Bull King of the Air...

Kiteboarding in the Canadian Rockies // A Road Trip Movie

A kiteboarding road trip through the Rocky Mountains in Canada. This has always been on my bucket list and last autumn in 2021 we managed...

3 Ways to do a Backroll | Classic, Send and Inverted // SA Masterclass

The backroll is the perfect first trick to learn with kiteboarding and it creates endless possibilities. In this tutorial I teach you 3 different...

First turns on a foil | Gybes and Footswitch – Steven Akkersdijk

After your first flights on the Hydrofoil it's time to learn how to turn. In this video I talk about the Gybes and the...

Brazil Kiteboarding Guide, Lagoon Check

From Fortaleza to Jericoacoara  words by Steven van Akkersdijk and Axel Reese Some of the world’s best lagoons are found in the north-west of Brazil. With...