Best of 2016: Craig Cunningham

Best event you attended in 2016?
Craig Cunningham: Triple S is always the highlight of the year for me as far as events I go too!  It may not be as chill as in the past with all the prize money and heats but for me it’s still the most fun, I mean they have their own beer made for the event now.  You can’t beat that!

Best travel trip in 2016?
Craig Cunningham: Kenya was easily the best trip of 2016.  We had no expectations and to be honest, just wanted to go on Safari.  The 10 trip that entailed was not only the best trip of 2016 but I’d have to say the best kite trip I’ve ever been on in my life!  If you have a chance to check out Watamu hit up Tribe Watersports and they’ll sort you out with all the goods!

Best Session?
Craig Cunningham: Hood River, all the homies, the park, good food, good beer and always good times!  This area is beautiful and I’m super hyped it is now my home base, I love it here in the Gorge.  As I’m writing this I just finished a full day of renovations with Colleen (Carroll)  her brother Devin and local legend John Perry!

Favorite instagram  photo this year?
Craig Cunningham: I don’t know, probably some meme photo that gave me a good laugh.  Most like a BrownCardigan post, he’s the best!

Favorite video you appeared in?
Craig Cunningham: It would have to be a toss up between our video from Watamu, Kenya and the North team video from the Magdalen Island in Canada (soon to be dropped) called Rouge.  One was an epic adventure and the other was rad on a different level since I had the opportunity to have the team and media crew from North come and shoot our Vegas campaign in my home country!