SIZES TESTED (m): 7, 9, 12 / SIZES AVAILABLE (m): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 / CONTROL SYSTEM: Core Bar


Solid, dedicated wave performance, fast and reactive and built to last. 

The newest version of the Airush Wave has some nice upgrades to its wave shredding performance. The Wave’s key design elements remain unchanged with its narrow leading edge, wider and squared wingtips and a three-strut frame that’s light and very responsive. The Wave’s tight pivotal turning, well balanced drift and high levels of depower give it the ideal wave capability. New refinements in the wingtip angles and some added sweep back from the leading edge have enhanced the progressive levels of depower available especially when driving the Wave across the wind window. The Wave can sit forward in the window with lots of depower and it pulls nice and smoothly through the gust. This was also one of the fastest turning kites in this category and can be flown aggressively with smooth power delivery and direct response. It has great feedback from the kite with the right amount of bar pressure to keep the rider well informed of the kite’s position. The Wave is an awesome kite for punting strapless airs with less aggressive lift and smooth glide and drift. It doesn’t boost like a freeride kite but has smooth lift and is easily controlled for launch and landings. The Wave is also built with Airush’s canopy technology that includes the Dyneema Load Frame V4 with what they call, WebTech. The tough Dyneema fabric strips are strategically sewn throughout the canopy for extra strength and stretch resistance. There is never a lack of confidence that this Airush Wave will let you down on a good surf session. Kiteboarding in waves subjects kites to some extra abuse when they go down in the pounding surf, and having a kite that can take this added punishment is a big bonus. The Wave checks all the boxes for a wave kite but it also shouldn’t be overlooked as a great all around kite for freeride and foil. Positive feedback, great drift, decent low end power, quick and responsive pivots, the Wave will work well for a lot different sessions and skill levels. 


The Wave’s power band is not as refined as some but upper end handling and precision steering are top notch. 


Intermediate to advanced level wave riders should consider the Wave for its no compromise wave performance with fast pivots and high levels of depower. It also has ideal handling for foil boarding and strapless aerial trickery.