2016 North Dice Review

REVIEW SYNOPSIS: Direct and responsive handling and pull, smooth-pulling pivots, solid performer for freestyle and waves.

Sizes Tested (m): 12, 9
Sizes Available (m): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Control System: Quad Control Bar

THE GOOD STUFF: The third edition North Dice brings its own energetic brand of do-it-all friendliness and offers adaptable performance for freeriding, freestyle and waves. As the three-strut, more leading edge arced and wider-tipped kite, the Dice can be flown using either North’s five line or four line control system and delivers smooth and nimble performance, with direct, but surprisingly light touch steering and smooth power through its turns. Not quite as high-powered as the Rebel, the Dice still has exceptional low-end power this year with smoother turning and more precise power through the turns. Testers were impressed with the feel and pull speed which makes the Dice even more freeride oriented this season, but with seemingly no detriments to its core freestyle-inspired values. Its quick and reliable pull through the turns make it an exciting kite to fly aggressively and use its loop and smooth arcing powered turns in transitions or for soft landings. Compared with Dice’s earlier incarnations it trended to more of the pop-and-drop style of jumping, but with added speed and turn fluidity, there is smoother lift and more glide this year. The Dice is definitely faster pulling and more direct than last year but also has slightly smoother depower. The superb stability and suitable depower combine nicely with the Dice’s balanced three-strut frame which make this a capable wave kite for sideshore breaks. The Dice has one of the best blends of freestyle power turning with drift depower and crisp handing that can keep you excited in almost all conditions or disciplines.

THE TRADE OFF: Less stable in overpowered conditions than the Rebel.

BEST FOR: The active freestyle rider that wants pop and power through the turn, but with the balance and performance that caters to waves and freeriding.