2015 North Rebel Review

Review Synopsis: A true legend with highest forms of rock solid, freeride precision and refinement.

The Good Stuff:

The 2015 Rebel continues to set the benchmark for the high-performance freeride category of kites. Designed around the unique, loaded 5th line control system, the Rebel delivers easy water relaunch, sheet-and-go power on demand, solid stability in overpowered conditions and amazing upwind drive. Whether you like going big and pushing the limits on your twintip with massive hang time, or you’re looking for the solid control and precision in the waves, the Rebel delivers. It has good levels of depower and range and smooth incremental depower within a short throw distance. This makes the kite both user-friendly but with access to smooth pulling speed and the boost that rivals any kite on the market. The test riders are always impressed with the Rebel’s ability to boost and drive at fast speeds. It feels a bit lighter and more nimble in the air in 2015 and the tuning options on the wingtips give it faster and reactive steering for waves. Overall the Rebel stays true to its roots as a big boosting, fast-pulling, versatile freeride machine.

The Trade Off:

Maybe not the best for full-on unhooked freestyle or slower-pulling unhooked, park performance. But for wave riding and big air enthusiasts, or power loving twintip session takers, it’s the ideal choice.

Best For:

Any intermediate-to-advanced freerider that loves to boost big off the lip and carve hard on the face.

Sizes Tested: 12, 9

Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18