WHO’S THAT? Marley Franco

“We’re in an age where it’s not uncommon for young kids to be trained to become professional surfers, even before they can fathom the concept. The competition is ruthless and there is no shortage of young ripping watermen and women from across the globe. All of these groms have immense skill, but there is more to it than just that. There is a lot that goes into becoming a professional athlete; to me, the best of the best usually have an unmistakable vibe and this is the deter- mining factor. There is a kindness, confidence and loving en- ergy that emanates from athletes who do their sport because they love it. This energy is a rare gem in a vast sea of upcoming athletes, but all recognize it when it presents itself.

Marley Franco is in a position that we all dreamt of being in as kids and even into adulthood; he has the skills to shred on the water with any craft he chooses, and he has an infec- tious stoke that permeates everyone around him.

Marley is the dude that will do a massive Backflip on a foil, pump back out to the line up and give you a high-five. He’s the guy that smiles when the wind blows out the perfect glassy surf because he will just paddle in and grab his kite. Marley is continually improving on the water and is well on his way to understanding the universal elements of success. He is eternally humble, positive and eager to learn even though he has more impressive athletic ability than most his age and beyond.

Franco kiting the north shore of Maui. Photo courtesy North

I’m incredibly honoured and excited to have Marley join the North team because now I get to ride and hang with him as we test gear and create content together. I have no idea where Marley will go on his adventure, but I can’t wait to witness it and see what exciting path he creates for himself.”
—Jesse Richman