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Helena Brochocka

“Helena, or Hela as we call her most of the time, is a passionate rider who loves challenging herself. Her trick list might not be the longest one out there, but you can be sure that whatever trick she throws down it will look good! When it comes to kiteboarding she’s a perfectionist and simply wouldn’t be satisfied otherwise. Whenever she lands a new trick she immediately thinks of what could be improved, or how to make it look even better. It’s a double-edged knife; it forces you to be a better rider every session, but on some days it can also come at the cost of enjoyment of the present moment on the water. I see myself in her all the time, and totally understand her feelings when her trick execution isn’t up to her standard, even when others compliment and cheeron. But when it all comes together,you really see her love for the sport shine through and that definitelyshows in her riding! 

I love her style on the water, it looks natural, powerful and commited. The moment she started riding park I could see her previous skiing experience show, pressing with all the weight on the features, making any simple trick she does look good. 

Personally Helena is what we call ‘one of the boys.’ She’s up for good banter, can handle dirty jokes and is always keen to join an adventure. She’s pretty rad to live with, a great friend and an awesome teammate.”—Christophe Tack, 2014 Freestyle World Champion.

Christopher Poole photo


Name: Helena Brochocka

Nickname: Hela

Sponsors: Naish Kiteboarding & Prolimit

Hometown: Warsaw, Poland

Current home: Peniche, Portugal

Off-water activities:Surfing, skiing, wakeboarding

Favourite board and kite: 38 Naish Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro,and Naish Torch kite. 

Last trick landed: 315

Favourite trick: Back Mobe

First set up:Naish Cult and somevery old school board of unknown origin.

Favourite conditions:Flat, warm and windy. 

What other pros do you ride with most often: My favourite crew to ride with are definitely my Naish teammates; Christophe Tack, Katie Potter, Ewan Jaspan, Tom Seager, and others. It’s always fun with this bunch!

Favourite place to ride:My top three would be Barra Nova, Brazil, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka and Isla Blanca, Mexico.

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