Takoon Furia Review

TEST REVIEW SYNOPSIS: Smooth and reliable with more power and enhanced direct steering and smooth four-line pull.

Sizes Tested (m): 9
Sizes Available (m): 6, 7, 9, 11, 13
Control System: Onyx Bar


The Takoon Furia is a five-strut design that offers high-performance handling for freeriding, freestyle and waves. Last year the Furia scored big points for its smooth and forgiving pull and easy drive, and this year it has some better low-end and feels more precise and reactive. The stability and range of the five-strut design helps deliver smooth power and it cushions out the gusts easily. The Furia has an easy to find power band and steering offers a lighter touch than is typical to other five-strut designs. Quick turning with nice power generation through all the lines also gives the Furia some exciting performance when you push it hard. Test riders noted that the Furia had some more low-end power and felt more crisp and nimble than last year’s version but it maintained its easy-to-use character. Although we didn’t test the Furia against the surf kites, it has good elements of performance that can be beneficial in the surf or for directional freeriding. The easy pull and light pressure through the harness, and the ability to steer the kite at high levels of depower, make the Furia very wave capable. It also has the stability and high quality build that you look for in a surf kite. With its angled but wide wingtips and fuller canopy shape, the Furia also parks and pops for unhooked freestyle and for boosting big, it provides the stability and range expected from high-performance, freeride models.

THE TRADE OFF: The low-end power is harder to determine than some of the five-strut masters but its versatility as a five-strut is unmatched.

WHO WILL LOVE IT: Any intermediate to advanced level freerider that wants a versatile kite that’s easy to use but can push the limits in freestyle with more stability, control and performance in the upper wind range.