Likes: The Reedin brand emerged two seasons ago from the minds and passion of legendary kite pro and Red Bull King of the Air winner, Kevin Langeree with kite design engineer Damien Girardin. They fused their names and have built the Reedin brand with the aim of producing the perfect kite equipment that can make every session more fun, regardless of condition, riding style or skill level. As the single kite model in their line, the SuperModel 3 is the centerpiece of this philosophy and hits all the marks as a top performing, do-it-all design. Direct steering, easy to find power and smooth, consistent pull through the turns, the SuperModel 3 feels instantly familiar and is easy to figure out. The SuperModel 3 features a lightweight and familiar threen strut frame, but their build quality allows for a narrow leading edge and strut design that works with a higher PSI than many brands. With this stiff and reactive frame the SuperModel 3 is fast and efficient and reacts quickly to rider input. It drives nicely upwind and this kite can boost as big as the major big air players. It has smooth and quick lift on take off with lots of float and good control for smooth landings. Equipped with a short and compact bridle system the SuperModel 3 provides instant control through gusts with good amounts of instant depower through the center line sheeting. It sits comfortably forward in the window for foil sessions and its tight and smooth pull through the turns helps to give that extra mojo for light wind riding. It’s also well balanced when the lines go slack. With smooth and consistent pull through the turns it is well suited for carving the surf. An all around gem the SuperModel 3 is one kite that can handle any condition or discipline with highly refined levels of performance. 

Minus: Not as quick to relaunch in ultra light wind foil sessions as some of the single strut or superlight material designs. This is one area where the do-it-all designs lose out to specialty foil or light wind kites. 

Best For: The multi-disciplined kiteboarder that wants one kite model for every session and works well with any board that’s in their quiver.