Shaun Bennett

“If you go to just about any beach in the US, it’s likely you’ll meet someone who knows Shaun Bennett. Everyone’s excited when Shaun arrives with the latest and greatest North Kiteboarding and Mystic gear to try out. But there’s a lot more to Shaun than just a van full of gear. Shaun engages with the kite community more than almost any brand rep you’ll meet. You can tell he’s doing what he loves. He’ll often go above and beyond to share the stoke and the kite beaches wouldn’t be as fun without him.”

Name: Shaun Bennett

Sponsors: North Kiteboarding, Mystic Boarding

Hometown: Naples, Florida USA

Current home: Outer Banks, NC/ Naples, FL

Off-water activities: Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, music

Favourite board and kite:Atmos Carbon 138, North Orbit 8/9 meter

Last trick landed: Backroll Megaloop One-Footer

Favourite trick: Boogie Loop, Melon Grab, Barspin

First set up: 2008 GK Kite, Cabrinha XCaliber 

Favourite conditions:Mild hurricane and tropical storms. 30+ knots 

Other pros you ride with most often:Eric Rienstra, Mike MacDonald, Chris Bobryk

Favourite place to ride: Cape Town, Tarifa, Hood River