Saturday, June 22, 2024
Video“Sardaukar : الصحراء” Teaser

“Sardaukar : الصحراء” Teaser

Surf, butter-flat water and massive sand “DUNE”s. The plant Sardauker looks great for kiting. Looking forward to the full film. To most kids might think this look like a scene from Starwars, but Sardaukar is a bit more Dune.

Sardaukar are soldier-fanatics who have ruled the Known Universe for over 10,000 years.They are secretly trained on the inhospitable Imperial Prison Planet because, the harsh conditions there ensure that only the strongest and most fierce men survive.

Shot by: Evan Taylor

Featuring: Brandon Bowe and Larbi Ederkaoui

Additional footage by: Ryan Taylor

Filmed over a week long journey into the Western Sahara.

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